Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sweeter Than The Black Friday Massacre

"This friend of mine thought her living room ceiling had a leak. Water was dripping down and she couldn't figure out from where. But then she discovered that it wasn't water, it was honey!"Nan said.

Nan is my sister-in-law's mother.

"Yes, honey."
"So they hung plastic around the space, cut a hole in the ceiling, and pulled out an enormous bee hive. The bee guy took the queen and about 86, 000 worker bees..."
"86, 000? How did they figure that..."
"Oh, I guess from the size of the hive. I don't really know."
"That is quite a tale."
"The perfect part is they gave everyone jars of home-made honey for the holidays that year," Nan said.
"Perfect gift." I said.

I love honey. hint hint

This honey tale is way sweeter than today's headlines covering what I refer to as The Annual Black Friday Massacre. A thousand people in line at a Best Buya grandfather getting thrown to the ground by a security person as he tried to save his grandson from getting trampled, pepper spraying sprees at Wal-Marts, people being hospitalized over the new XBox 360.

God Bless America?

Meanwhile, in the waterfront town of Port Washington, NY, where my younger brother lives, we ambled in the sunshine sticking our noses in glorious roses still in bloom. 

~ God bless Mother Nature and this sweet beautiful old earth.


  1. Love the roses Bets! I can almost smell them!

  2. Okay, that was me with the roses comment... I clicked to fast...

  3. Aren't they lovely?! Thanks for stopping by...