Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Personal Guru

Today, on this first of November, 

I stumbled on a question from a book called *Listening To Depression (How Understanding Your Pain Can Heal Your Life). 

It's okay, keep reading, even if you're thinking...

Gee whiz, Betsy, must you go there

and isn't it All Saint's Day?  Is that a happy holiday?

And it's Penny's birthday, artist-extraordinaire, painter of color and light and one of the sunniest, if not, saintliest, people I know. 

Happy Birthday, Penny! (google Penny Ross)

I could write about Penny and some of my favorite saints who's the one for lost things? while tallying up all the Kit-Kat bars I ate last night. 

But depression is so mysterious and goes well with chocolate...  

Listening to Depression has a beautiful take on the 

voice of depression. 

Or voices. Is there a committee camping out in your head?

It speaks to looking at all the things we dub negative, like mistakes, feelings of failure, grief, uncertainty, and spinning them around to see them as gifts and doorways to new ways of being & doing. 

I like gifts and doorways.

pg. 133 -

Ask yourself, "If the events of my life are meant to be my personal guru, what message is my guru giving me about the direction I should take at this point in my life?"

I'm cozying up with one teeny Kit Kat bar, and a chaser of Tension Tamer tea (is it okay to mix those?) to have a chat with my personal guru to see what's up...see where my compass is pointing ~

What's your personal guru telling you today?

* Written by Lara Honos-Webb, PH.D


  1. my personal guru is on a "remember to let go of drama and do the work" reminder. and it seems that this theme has popped up with every friend i've connected with over the past two days. interesting where the reminders pop in from..i find it fascinating.

    my freshman year of college, i went to the bookstore and bought every single book they had on how to deal with depression without medication. this subject has been fascinating to me for a long time and led me to study psychology as an undergrad. almost continued onto grad school, but opted for the yoga & meditation route instead. 10 years later and now i'm realizing an east meets west approach might be the perfect anwer. still thinking about grad school.... have a great day, betsy!

  2. Thanks so much, Leigh Ann, for writing! And for the wisdom of your personal guru. "Let go of the drama and do the work" is an excellent mantra...

    I've always been fascinated by depression, as well as suffered from it, or with it, in its many forms and disguises. I've read lots of books too.
    (Should see what's on your reading list!) Funny, but lately I've been revisiting the idea of grad school as well. (not sure where I'd get the $) Always thought I wanted an MFA but the whole mind/body thing has always been a pull. All to say I am a life-long student of the mind/body/spirit, always open to new ideas and ways.

    Here's to your great day!


  3. Thanks, Betsy, for your lovely thoughts of me. I enjoy reading all of your thoughts throughout the year!