Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Judge Nothing

I confess to feeling off my blogging game after being out of town for a few days and Thanksgiving upon us. 

It matters that I show up. 
It matters that I share something worth reading:
a story
a poem
a quote
a photo

I'm working on taking things lighter, as advised by Virginia, wise and charming 93 year old who lives out at Mrs. Bush's Personal Care Home where Dad resides.

Take things lightly, she told me.

I've been practicing this two word mantra to help me along...

judge nothing.
judge nothing.

I read this somewhere recently; it stuck.  

Whisper it as you examine your face in the mirror, judge nothingor when you're stuck in traffic, judge nothing, or at the market behind the woman with the overstuffed shopping cart, judge nothing

Whisper it tomorrow over turkey, or tofu

Whisper it with family and friends

Whisper it to yourself

judge nothing judge nothing judge nothing 

It's harder than you might think but it's a gift to practice.

It's a freedom piece, a space-maker, a portal.

judge nothing.


  1. Betsy this is very well written. Said beautifully and so clear.

  2. Thanks, sweet Penny. Peace and blessings to you and your wonderful family. xo b