Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's The Only Way

I dropped Dad off at Mrs. Bush's Personal Care home this morning after a sleep-over at our house. Walking into his sunny room I immediately see LOVE DEATH! on a bright yellow post-it note stuck to his mirror. 

Underneath he'd drawn a Cupid's heart with an arrow. 

"I'll walk you out," Dad said.

We strolled down the hall to the door. I spotted Jenny (jigsaw puzzle expert) in the small salon, Lily's Cut-n-Curl, getting her hair rolled up in curlers. We waved to each other. Then, Virginia came out of her room, leaning on a cane. Virginia is short and round with a full head of white wavy hair. (And ninety-three.) Claire and I had met her and her best friend, Dorothy, a couple of weeks earlier.

"Good morning, Virginia,"I said.
"Well, good morning," she said, taking my hand, "I'm out for my morning walk."
"You remember my daughter," Dad said, as he continued ambling towards the door.
"My daughter Claire was very taken with you and Dorothy the last time we were here," I told her, "We spoke about you on our drive home, how light-hearted the two of you seemed, laughing and smiling."
"We try to take things lightly,"Virginia said.
"You're my angel for today, Virginia, because I have to admit I don't always fare well with that."
"Oh no, sweetheart," she said, squeezing my hand.
"You must try to take things lightly. It's the only way."

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