Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Proclamation Of Goodness

It arrived in the mail from Karme Choling, the Shambala Meditation Center in Barnet, Vermont where I spent a week last October. It was tucked in with holiday shopping fliers, an electric bill, and other stuff.

Upon opening the envelope 
a small, bright orange card 
dropped into the palm of my hand

an invitation.

Proclamation of Goodness

May basic goodness dawn.
May the confidence of goodness be eternal.
May goodness be all-victorious.
May that goodness bring profound, brilliant glory.

 ...this song of goodness arose in the mirror of my mind. 
     May it bring the world into a perfect state of goodness.

    Written in Kalapa Valley by the Sakong

      Jampal Trinley Dradul

Goodness is news worth sharing.

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