Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Claire Story

When Claire was just out of diapers, she would beg for what became known as Claire stories. One of the best story-telling places was when she was in the tub. I'd sit up on the counter, cup of tea by my side and try my best to come up with an exciting story for my three year old. Here's one that I wrote down. I think yesterday's snowdrop sighting has me on a roll.

Claire said no to Mommy all day
until finally it was bath time and
then Claire said yes.

In the warm water she began to sing,
the bathroom filled up with all kinds
of birds; toucans, parrots,bright red cardinals,
even a bald eagle came and perched on the
edge of the tub.

Then came the butterflies, blues and purples,
yellow spotted, and fish filled the tub, bright orange,
and red, skimming by Claire's round thigh,
under her finger tips.

They made her laugh and sing.
She began to sing and flowers bloomed,
purple cone flowers, snapdragons, and
sunflowers filled the bathroom.

Now, go take a tub and make up your own story ~

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