Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Chihuahua Lady

Claire curled up in bed with me.
"I don't know what the big deal is about dying," she said.
"You're really just going to another dimension. I mean, I know you miss seeing people but it doesn't have to be that scary."

Come to think of it, neither does living.
I'm thinking my ten year old is on to something.

It's amazing how fearful I can be.
Should I make the phone call?
What if I can't figure this out, then I'll have to ask somebody for help.
What if the school secretary thinks I'm some kind of woo-woo yoga teacher trying to find work?
And my point is?

But if I use my
life is a river metaphor, well, standing on the riverbank can be beautiful, but if you never get in the water...?

Like the woman who literally swept by my car today while I was loading groceries into the back. She was upon me in a moment, talking about her chihuahuas (they were in a crate in her backseat). Her bleached hair was a long mane down her back, her face heavily made up, two slashes for eyebrows. She was beaming and going on about the dogs.
"They're my babies. I take them everywhere. On the plane to Miami. You see, my mother died and left me a couple of properties. One of the dogs was hers but she got sick, died. So now I have the two. They're just so cute! You won't believe this but I put one in the hot tub the other night. Oh my God, I think he actually liked it but he kept barking and barking. I thought I was going to have to call 911!"

And then she was gone.

I don't recall saying hello to start our conversation. Maybe I smiled. It doesn't matter. I am so grateful for My Chihuahau Lady. Grateful for her blast of alive-ness today, there in the parking lot of MR. Z's.

I drove home happy, past the piles of dirty snow. I'm pretty sure I heard my angels singing a ditty, a little something to the tune of Happy Birthday...
It's not scary at all, Life's not scary at all, It's not scary at ALL! It's really not scary at all.


  1. I just love your writing! This piece is so funny and sweet at the same time. I was laughing out loud as I pictured the secretaries at MY school receiving a phone call and considering you a "woo-woo yoga teacher." (They wouldn't really, but that's a funny picture.) I also had to laugh at the chihuahua in the hot tub...oh my! But the overall message of this piece is so sweet, true, and uplifting - I love it! A good reminder that we don't need to be scared...the universe takes care of us and brings us what we need, when we need it, and people are innately good!

  2. I agree with you Betsy. Life is not scary it's all the other stuff that gets in our way of living life one day at a time. I love the blog.