Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 31

Day 31 of This Being Alive...

I'm filled with gratitude for the ups and downs of this sweet life, surrounded by superb family & friends, a cat, some fish, birds, really busy squirrels, deer. And readers like you. I'm going to keep on writing and I hope you'll keep on reading. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

xo b

[Sailing party @ my brother Rob's house in CT! His mailbox is #6]


  1. I'm filled with gratitude that you are blogging and have been faithfully at it for the whole month. Your blog makes my day! Thank you for sharing what you have to say! It's more than cool, and so are you! Congratulations on completing this first month of blogging!

  2. YOU set the "tone for my day!" I'm learning to look at the world around me with much more depth & color; what a creative time of the year this is to do just that! Thanks for introducing me to a whole new way of living. Looking forward to the years ahead with friends like you!!!

  3. Thanks so much for dropping me a note! It's always a gift to see that someone has left a comment...Here's to gratitude and seeing things with more depth and color. I love that! xox b