Monday, March 1, 2010

Trust Unflinching

Okay, so I've probably spent a good hour trying to get my name (see bottom left near photo) to line up. I've gone to the HELP bar a few hundred times, okay ten, and still cannot figure out how to click and drag the Betsy so it is sitting next to the Jackson. And then my shoulders really started aching and I thought, this is how I spend my time. Fretting about some small detail rather than jumping in the damn river and swimming. This "cramped and insane feeling",(to quote the fabulous Anne Lamott), has been a life-long habit of mine that quite frankly, I'm sick of.

So, it doesn't matter whether my first and last names are holding hands. And it doesn't matter if something else screws up when I finally hit publish post. Because This Being Alive is about ordinary life which can be funny and heartbreaking all in the time it takes to empty the dishwasher. It is my hope that if even one person can step off their personal hamster wheel by vicariously watching me spin, and occasionally JUMP, then I am happy to be of help.

As a certifiable late bloomer to all things technical and cyber-y, I am starting this blog on this moody first day of March with much joy in my heart. Out of the corner of my eye, on the brown paper taped to the closet door I can see the words I scribbled in bright blue marker:
Trust unflinching in my artist's life.

Here goes.


  1. You go girl! Jump in that damm river and start swimming. We will be on the river bank cheering you on.



  2. Wait to go Bets! I feel inspired and want to go swimming with you. Love, lainer

    P.S. What's a profile?
    P.S.S. Okay I chose the first thing I knew...Google and ended up signing in under my daughter's name cause I don't have a google!!!

  3. Hey, Bets, Paul and I saw Julie and Julia last week so I'm caught up on this project, and I'm loving seeing you stretch out and tell it like it is- Good work! Love, Penny

  4. Did you see the gold medal match of the curling competition in the Winter Olympics? Close to the end, when the Canadians just had to hold on to win, the Canadians in the stands which must have totaled 6749685305 to the tenth power, spontaneously broke into the Canadian national anthem. This is your national anthem moment. Here in Central Arkansas, I'm on my couch, singing at the top of my lungs, "Oh Besty's Blog, our home and native land!" It doesn't make any sense, but I mean every single word of it. You go girl. This is just the beginning.

  5. I am totally impressed!!!! Way to Go!!!! Welcome to the world of technology - It is such a wonderful thing. Gods Peace!!!

  6. Congratulations on your blog's debut! You rock! Loved your first entry - keep 'em coming!

  7. Congratulations! You are an artist!

  8. Wow! All of you...thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! & Mike, keep singing. Elaine (aka Emma), I don't get the profile thing either, I'll let you know. Moley, "Please Ratty, may I row now?" And to my first follower, Michael, my husband, aka Buck. xoxo thanks.

    To borrow a phrase from dear Nan, consider yourselves hugged!

  9. CB - very nicely done. I look forward to mornings with my coffee and your words!
    xo CJ

  10. Way to go Blogging Bean. Little John told me that you will be wearing your glasses when you read this and I won't. By the way "Emma" creating your own user name is EASY. I'm watching your profile.