Thursday, September 23, 2010


A month ago, this Oxalis plant was in tatters. It was a pile of brown shriveled twiggy leaves, a pot of dirt, dead. Sadly, I left it to fend for itself out on the back porch...

until I circled back around, drizzled some water in the dust and whispered, anybody in there?

I moved it to the front hallway, where pale yellow September light drifts in. In a few days, green threads were growing.

It's been a month. Now it's a wild-tendrils-reaching-every-which-way Oxalis (shamrock) plant, practically dancing towards the light. Tiny pink flowers are bursting from the tips. 

There will be times when your life might feel like a pot of dirt; dry, dusty, dead. But something full, green and crazy-good is waiting to grow. Trust me. You may not see it right away.

But it's there.


  1. Thanks, Cal! Always good to hear from you. Keep your eye out for the crazy-good... xo b