Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Re-entry Can Be Slippery

Email to Neeny this morning before heading home from my get-away:

I stayed an extra day and feel all kinds of things:
good, relaxed, ready to get home, nervous to come home. missing my family, enjoying my freedom...


The beach was incredible.
I went in the water yesterday. Just had to.

(back home...)

Got home @ noon.
Dad said, " You're a sight for sore eyes!"
We hugged & I took him to the dentist. Picked up Claire from school. We hugged. She told me tales about health class and the video they watched about pinching an inch.
"I'm fat," she said.

Attempting to make dinner, I burned my hand on scalding water from the kitchen sink, cried like a baby. Shrimp boiled over on stove, cried. Took a cold shower because burnt hand couldn't take hot. Cried. Michael helped Claire with science homework. I kissed him with my swollen cry-baby eyes. She gave us a funny look.
"Dad and I are pollinating," I said.

Sat outside under the full moon with Neeny & drank wine. Cried a little more & listened to crickets and laughed about all of it with baggie of ice cubes on hand.

Re-entry can be slippery.

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