Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Like The Dalmations

Not sure if y'all have noticed, how could you not, but it was only a matter of time that turkeys would become followers of This Being Alive. I've been remiss in sending out a huge welcome to #55 official follower, lovely photo by the way. Please feel free to share this blog with the rest of your flock. This pic is one I took of Sandy, my *neighbor.  She really wants her own facebook page but I said absolutely not; facebook is no place for a turkey. But she wanted to greet you personally.

Jump on/ hop in/everyone is welcome! ...turkeys, turtles, yellow smiley faces, clowns, people who are afraid of clowns. Join. (Someone told me, Betsy, it's kinda hard to figure it out.) If I knew how, I'd tell you. Email the clown (follower #1). He'll talk you through it.

This Being Alive is singing the anthem of, the more, the merrier, so please share us with friends, family, people at work, your plumber. *Arms are wide open here, (except on those days when I'm curled up in the fetal position unable to go buy Cheerios for Claire's breakfast.) But that's, infrequently, right? Or I fake it and write that I'm feeling great. Now you know I'm lying.

As we ease into autumn towards Halloween, and other upcoming holidays (mums the word), how about we get 45 more official followers and make it an even hundred...

Or a hundred and one, like the dalmations.

*read The Neighbors & Arms Wide Open


  1. It's the year of the LARGE flocks of Turkeys. I have 10 & love to watch them come to eat my sunflower droppings. I've had them since they were wee ones!!! In the evening I have two skunks, one albino, who clean up what the turkey's leave! Love all this wild life - last to arrive will be my bear!

  2. It's a glorious time to be watching all the animals. Yesterday there were two egrets on the lake near my house. Wow! I'm picturing your albino skunk! Let me know when you see the bear! Thanks, as always, for touching base!! xo b