Monday, September 27, 2010

Shingles and Other Common Rashes

I took Dad to see his cardiologist this morning. Boy, was that a scene. They put us in a very narrow office with wood paneling, shades of Edgar Allan Poe. I could barely breathe in there. To make matters worse, on the wall was a horrifying poster portraying (in graphic detail), Shingles and Other Common Rashes. One photo in particular, showed a man with lesions all over his face, yikes. People tend to get nervous going to the doctor. Okay, I do. So, why would you put up pictures like that? Why not posters of Provence or Tuscany, or Harrisburg. I'm still trying to shake the image which is why I'm posting this sweet shot of the river.

Rashes, river, rashes, river... 

Tick tock; we sat for quite a while in that matchbox of a room. 

Thankfully, Dad began making jokes.
"Maybe the assistant is trying to wake the doctor. Doctor, Mr. Jackson is waiting for you, please get up. Bring them a deck of cards, the doctor says. Let them play Parcheesi! I need my sleep." 

Dad's good that way. 

Don't let things trouble you, he says. 

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