Thursday, September 1, 2011

Can't Know It All

Claire came home yesterday slightly overwhelmed. 
She described one teacher as very intense.
"If you don't win, it's no fun!" he chanted, "Coming in second or third is not the same as coming in first!"

Whoa nelly! First day, remember?

Lunch turned out okay. Riding the bus too. We went for a you-made-it-through-the-first-day Italian ice when I picked her up,
not hiding behind a tree,  at the bus stop.

Day Two:

I woke even earlier than yesterday. 4 am? 
The alarm was set, but my inner clock was on high alert. 
What if we oversleep, miss the bus?

"I feel more nervous than yesterday,"Claire said.
Me too?

"I know, but you got through okay. You figured things out. You'll do the same today," I said. 
"But what if I make a mistake and get in trouble? What about...?"
"Honey, you are the least likely person I know to get in trouble. Everyone's new," I said, "The teachers must be open to questions, right? You can't know it all on the first try."
"And the schedule is so confusing, Mom. I mean, really."
"Ask a friend, Claire. When I was in school, I always asked friends who seemed to know what they were doing. And, Claire?"
“Yea, Mom?”
“Go easy on yourself. It’s just the first day.”

Encouraging my kid = encouraging myself. 

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