Friday, September 2, 2011

More Than Ever

It's been a very long week. The toll from Hurricane Irene is deep and wide. Family in Vermont got slammed. Who knew that the Green Mountain State would be hit so hard by a coastal storm? Over 200 roads closed, people's homes washed away. Bridges out, river mud everywhere.

The two men in the canoe are paddling down Promised Road where my brother, Rob, lives by the Long Island Sound in Connecticut.

Friends in New Jersey, flooded, no power for days.

It's an understatement to say 

there's a lot of swirling energy

"I feel like I find my center, then get blown right off," I said to Michael.
"It reminds me of sailing, honey. You're steady, and then something blows you off course, sails flapping. Maybe you just need to nudge the rudder make a slight correction. You're okay."

After yoga yesterday, I was chatting with a friend about middle school, transitions, Dad's growing forgetfulness, my pocket of worries. 

"I woke up feeling so off this morning. So, I talked. And had a good cry with Michael holding my hand. My brother called. Jesse called. I heard from a new reader on This Being Alive. And now, yoga and you."
"Remember there are angels everywhere, "she said, "they show up right when you need them."

Last night, Michael and I drifted into a conversation about faith. Not in a religious way, he said.  

but Faith as in showing up even if you're unsure 
Faith as in not always getting it right, 
or things always going well, 
or even knowing much other than 
what you're doing matters. 

Faith as action...

As in, this being alive is as an act of faith ~

composing a new song
digging your neighbor's car out of the mud
having a baby
getting married
taking the new job
moving to a new place
calling your mother
asking for help
letting go and trusting

acts of faith ~

Maybe some days you ask yourself, 

The world's a madhouse...Does this even matter?


more than ever ~

*This Being Alive is taking a weekend break. Go gently. xo b


  1. It's been a long and trying week, a hurricane has blown through my sacred center, I've felt so off, but this post was just what I needed, to be reminded about faith, faith as action. Maybe I won't get it all on course right away, but I'm back out there searching for some gentle winds to blow me back to my calm center. I hope those gentle winds find you and your kin too. Much love Bets, enjoy your weekend off :)

  2. Woke this morning with this very simple thought: I must be extremely tender towards myself and others. Period. Passing this simple message on to you...

    Practice extreme tenderness. You're right where you need to be. It's okay.

    Love you,