Monday, September 19, 2011

Even For A Little While

I know it's Monday; the beginning of the week when most everyone is gearing up. But I'm thinking about what a friend said to me on Friday.

"Sometimes you need to treat yourself like a sick person. You know, allow yourself to do a little, then rest. Maybe sit in the sun. Have a cup of tea. Then do a little bit more. Then rest. Slow things way down. It helps to do that, even for a little while."

Yesterday I did some weeding in the scraggly garden and tossed the frisbee for Chewy. But for a good part of the afternoon, I stretched out in the lounge chair with eyes closed. When I felt the air cooling, I'd get up and pull the chair into another sun spot, then settle down again. No book, no journal, no nothing. 

Curled up in the sun...

Like my cat. 

Claire stacked the wood pile without being asked. Michael waved at me while he was tinkering on the lawn mower and said, Stay right where you are, honey. 

So I did.


  1. Sounds sweet, Betsy. I spent most of the weekend in this pattern. Do a little, sit in porch swing, do something else, watch a movie curled up in bed with the cats, clean up front yard, sit and have some tea. It's divine :)

  2. Porch swing sitting, movie with cozy cats, is divine.

    Thanks for writing!