Thursday, September 29, 2011

Like We Used To Wrap Babies

Most importantly be kind to yourself. 
Love yourself, wrap yourself up in a comforter:
Put it on the bed and lay at the corner of it and wrap your body in the comforter, like we used to wrap babies in their blankets, and allow yourself to feel the comfort of the blanket and to bask in it for awhile, and just breathe.

This was a tender note from my friend, Mary. It reminded me of swaddling my girls when they were babies. So, can grown-ups be swaddled? I'm imagining us wrapped up on our beds, cocooned in our comforters, breathing together...


  1. Yes, we can! My room is known as the cave and it's where I go to retreat from this crazy world. It's the smaller of the two bedrooms, in a funky L shape, with the bed tucked in the back corner. It's painted in shades of blue...complete with lots of pillows, flannel sheets, fleece blanket and a down comforter. It's a perfect sanctuary.

  2. Thanks for jumping in!

    Love "the cave"...shades of blue, pillows, flannel sheets, fleece blanket, down comforter! Can I come over?

    Here's to creating sanctuaries for ourselves.