Friday, September 30, 2011

When I Grow Up #4

When I Grow Up 

When I grow up my husband will be funny. 

I will have a horse. I will have two children. 
One will be a boy. One will be a girl. 
I will be rich and I will live in a castle.

By Ashley Kucsmas

...This Being Alive 
is taking the weekend off 
to think about children, 
funny husbands, horses, 
and life in a castle.

Peace be with you. xo b


  1. Once again...thanks for sharing these, Betsy. I LOVE them. They make me smile and wonder where these kids are now and horses, husbands and castles are involved.

  2. They're so charming, don't you think? I feel very satisfied after reading one of these tiny stories. And I do wonder about these students...I remember Ashley very well; petite, blonde, always giving me "teacher presents."

    Stay tuned for more...and thanks for reading and checking in.

  3. Hahaha I'm Ashley Davis now and am married and living in Denver, Colorado working for an airline as a technical writer for pilots! I am happily married to my iwn prince charming, but no horses, or castle yet though!