Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Cat Will Be Fine

I'm not particularly spontaneous. I lean toward planning and list-making, in my right brain sorta way. When will we leave? What's the best route? How long is the trip? What about the cat? 

Worrisome questions, I know. 

But today I looked at Claire and said, we're going horseback riding. "Now?" she said.
"As soon as we can," I said.
I called Eileen at Sugar Mountain. 
She said, "How about two o'clock?"
I said, "That would be perfect."

Claire rode Hot Shot, a thirty-three year old Arabian. I rode Pepper, a lovely Morgan. And the beauty I'm standing next to is Wizard, a Tennessee Walker. Eileen rode Wizard.

It really was perfect, meandering through the woods on a sunny day, trotting up the gentle slope of trail. Claire kept turning & flashing me a big grin. It was so simple. And the cat was fine.

Word for the day: Spontaneity


  1. What a delightful way to spend your day! Sounds like you both had a blast, and it shows in the two pics. "The essence of pleasure is spontaneity" - Greer

  2. It WAS delightful. That's the right word. And as I wrote, so simple. Funny how I don't often see what's right Thanks for checking in!