Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just Drive

I pray, and plead, when I drive these days... 
Please stay on your side of the road.
Dear God, get off the phone. 
Watch where you're going!
That lady's texting, her car is crossing the line!
Help me get home safely!

It's bad when driving home from a yoga class, completely blissed out, my shoulders are hovering around my ears by the first stop sign. 

Just drive. 

Get off the phone. Save the party planning, or the business meeting for the driveway, or kitchen table. The I have a headset doesn't cut it anymore. You're still distracted. If you like to wear your headset, put it on while making dinner, fold laundry...Do take it off while making love. 

Just drive.

It's against the law to drive without wearing a seatbelt, yet people race down highways and back roads; twittering, emailing, texting, chatting. Getting in the car makes me think I have a death wish. I don't. I've got people to love and things to do. And way too many books to read.

Just drive.

Lately, when I drive to the store or teach, I have this nagging thought; what if some texting asshole kills me on the way to get milk. I always come back in for one more kiss.

Just drive.

When people call now from their cell phones, I ask Are you driving? If the answer is yes, I say, Call me when you get home. Ouch, I know. Sounds hard, right? I mean, it seems like a great way to connect. You're just drivingIt's not a great way to connect. It's a great way to get killed, or kill somebody else. Have I talked on the phone while driving? Yes. Not anymore. I'm done. 

Just drive.

If you like doing two things at once...

breathe and drive. 

When you arrive home safely, kiss your kid, your husband, the dog, the ground you walk on.

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