Friday, October 29, 2010

Claire's Pocket

Claire’s Pocket
Purple jack 
blue marble 
crumpled tissue 
marker top 
white ribbon 
piece of cracker 
baby gorilla 
Belle’s yellow slipper 
a small stone 
a withered dandelion 
a tiny blue book covered with stars
a note to grandma 
an invitation to a birthday party 
a self portrait

Happy 11th Birthday, Claire! 

May your pockets always be full.

ps. What's in your pocket, reader?


  1. It seems impossible that 11 years of seeing this beautiful girl blossom has gone by, even more impossible that I feel old and I'm not even in my twenties! Here's lookin' at you kid. Have the best birthday yet.

  2. Hard to believe, angelcilla! Thanks for checking in. And a beautiful birthday to you, Halloween baby, not even twenty! xo b

  3. My God, that's a cute picture of her!! Happy Birthday, Claire!