Monday, October 25, 2010

Dropping Like Feathers

Kerry wrote, "Enjoy re-nesting and making sense of it all." 

Re-nesting = take Claire to bus stop, make oatmeal, kiss Michael goodbye, do laundry, sweep the kitchen floor, worry, watch red and yellow leaves trickle to the ground, dropping like feathers outside my big window. Write.

Personally, I find making sense of things to be a full-time job. Yet, often, in the midst of my work day, I discover there's no sense to be made. Better to sit with all of it, watch the trickling and floating leaves, simply allow.

Hey you! Give your readers something to hold onto, something concrete, something they can take to the bank?Enough with the falling leaves and the bus stop! Who cares about the laundry?

[This has been a message from your sponsor.] 

Fair enough. Whatever you do this week,

Do not drill holes in concrete.

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