Sunday, October 24, 2010

For My Girls

Claire and I were driving home from her friend's birthday party when we pulled up behind two guys on motorcycles at a red light. One was wearing a leather jacket with writing down the back; his own personal bumper sticker. Maybe Claire will miss this one, I thought. But then she leaned toward the dashboard and read it out loud, very slowly.

If you can read this, the bitch fell off.

We looked at each other, feeling the hit.
Claire said, "Screw you, buddy!"
That's my girl.
"Do you think I could just tap him with the car?" I said.
"Can I say something out the window? Please, Mom?"Claire said.

There was no tapping, or yelling out the window.

A Sunday prayer for *my girls.

Be peaceful warriors in the world, yes. And may you always trust your bullshit meter; it won't ever steer you wrong.

(jesse. elizabeth. claire.)


  1. Love it. Yes, peaceful warriors with bullshit meters turned on high - may we all be like that.

  2. Hey you! So wonderful to hear from you. Home safe and sound, I trust. I'm back in the saddle at home. Feels great! Thanks for checking in!! xo b