Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ignite The Laughter

Dad came down the other morning with a need to read aloud his journal entry. I listened while my tea steeped. 

Today I found his writing, nestled in among the letters to the editor of our local paper...

I woke up today with the desire to live longer and to care for the body-mind so that is more probable. Having said that, it still doesn't matter whether I live or die! A contradiction? Yes. But isn't our life - yours and mine - full of such?

You could ask: Why would a U.S.A. person want to live here any longer than necessary? Good question. It would be good to live longer to see how this fine country will endure with all the madness and craziness going on right now.

You see, our history is full of the kind of ridiculousity abroad in the land now. And remember we are not unique in having such craziness consume our fellow Americans! To look at other nations around the globe will show you how the insanity is worldwide in the citizens!

So, dear chaps and chapesses, be of good cheer! Carry on. Keep your mind and spirit close to the good humor in this very moment. Let it ignite the laughter in you. Tra la la. So I say, on this cloudy day. The best is yet to be. Tee hee, tee hee.

Peace and good will and joys galore be with you.

~ The Rev. Ellsworth Erskine Jackson

(Not bad for a guy who doesn't know how to email. He took a cab to the newspaper and dropped it off!)

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