Monday, October 18, 2010

Make An Offering

Offerings, Susan said.
Begin your practice with an offering. 
It could be your honesty, your tenderness, your tears, your sadness, your worry, your vulnerability, your courage. 
Offer something up each time you sit.
Offer something up each time I write.
What is it that I am offering when I write, speak, stand on stage?
My honest take on the world. Not my nice take, or lovely take, or mean take, or sad take. Simply my take on the world. This is my offering. And, not in a small, sniveling, ego mind way do I offer it up. Not like a “I’m so great way and let me show you the way” take. It feels more like putting a few things on a good piece of china, or maybe an old wood cutting board, or even a napkin, or my bare hand, and saying, here. This is what I have to give today. This is what I’ve noticed about being alive today, And then maybe, you’ll tell me what you’ve noticed. Or we can just sit and listen to the rain on the roof, or the kettle whistle, or Dad’s feet shuffling in his bedroom upstairs.


  1. I look forward to "your take on the world," each day. Then I pause to see just what I'm seeing and feeling at that time. I will also try to make an offering each time I have a quiet moment.
    Life has NEW meaning! Thank you & Susan

  2. Thanks so much, Gail, for tuning in. Yes, pause and see. It's a good practice, no judging, no agenda. Just take a look. Go gently, xo b