Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not Nearly As Nervous

This is Quinn Claire Jackson, the newest member of our large, lively tribe. She was born on September 7th, two days before my birthday. This was no coincidence; she knew exactly what she was doing. Clearly, the child arrived as an early birthday present for me.

I had two wishes this year. The first, to practice with deep kindness, the art of tending to myself, and allowing others to tend to me too. I figured all this tending would be like a booster shot for me go into the world and spread the peace. [Unless you litter, then I will kick you.] 

Wish number two: peace on earth. 

Imagine people all over this crazy spinning earth,*arms wide open, smiling, maybe even waving to each other. It would make getting out of bed in the morning so much less worrisome, don't you think?

Hold that image.

This is a belated shout-out to Quinn, for spreading the peace thing right out of the starting gate. Just looking at you makes me feel not nearly as nervous

Welcome to this being alive, Quinn!

ps. Quinn's lucky parents are Sam Jackson (my cousin) & Kerry Litchfield.

* read Arms Wide Open (Sept. 9, 2010)


  1. That's funny Bets, having her around makes me MORE nervous...but the Jacksons are a faithful and optimistic bunch so I'm working on keeping it together :) Can't wait to see you!

  2. I need to hold this Buddha baby pronto!!! Babies are like some kind of calming orb, unless they're freaking out, now that's another story. But Quinn, she's an orb. ( I'm in VT, not far.) xxoo